Patrick S. Walsh

With a degree in sports science and physiotherapy, having specialized in chronic pain, he spends most of his time assisting other athletes and coaches to improve mechanical and stress work in their training sessions, he also assists athletes in chronic pain related issues and its possible implications at the neuronal level.

Pro-tip of the day: Post-activation potentiation

The post-activation potentiation is an effect that occurs at the muscular level that consists of an abundant improvement of muscular performance after a stimulus that has been received previously. It can be very useful for Powerlifting and Strongman practitioners when they want to set a new record due to the notable improvements that are given […]Read More

Pro-tip of the day: combining Creeping Death and Doggcrapp

Two of my favorite training methodologies are John Meadows’ Mountain Dogg and Dante Trudel’s Doggcrapp, both stand out for their powerful intensity and in my opinion, they are very useful in a bulking phase to promote muscle growth, therefore I am going to adapt John Meadows’ Creeping Death 2 book and Doggcrapp’s main guidelines to […]Read More

Video: How hard should you train from the experts perspectives

Recently the Canadian athlete and youtuber Jeff Nippard made a video interviewing 5 of the greatest personalities in the training world: Mike Israetel, John Meadows, Stefi Cohen, Eric Helms and Greg Nuckols, with a simple question: How hard should you train to build Muscle? These were their responses: Dr. Mike Israetel: we must train hard […]Read More