Can you mix AAS with recreational drugs & alcohol?

The interaction between Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and recreational drugs like cocaine, alcohol and others is rarely discussed, but after doing some research on the subject I have found some concerning data that I believe every enhanced bodybuilder should be aware of.

Like it or not, studies have shown that there is a correlation between AAS use and recreational drug use, and it is no secret that a significant minority of AAS users do in fact take recreational drugs on a semi-regular basis.

In this post, we will be looking at the interactions between AAS and 2 types of drugs: Stimulants (meth, cocaine, etc…) and Alcohol.



The possible negative interactions between Anabolic Steroids and stimulants are not to be ignored. Here are the 3 main ways in which combining these two classes of drugs can have a devastating effect…

  • Firstly, it has been shown that Nandrolone can reduce the effect that drugs like meth and MDMA have on the brain. This can cause users of these drugs to increase the dose in order to offset the decreased sensitivity, thereby making the drugs more dangerous. Even though Nandrolone is the only AAS that has been studied in this context, it would be safe to assume that the same can occur with other AAS.
  • Secondly, it is entirely possible for these drugs and others like Cocaine to increase aggression. Pair that with rage-inducing AAS like Trenbolone and Halotestin, and you may find yourself being dangerously aggressive.
  • Thirdly, we should not neglect the negative impact that both stimulant drugs and AAS can have on blood pressure, heart rate and ultimately the heart itself. Both Rich Piana and Zyzz are rumored to have died from AAS and stimulant-induced heart attacks.



Nandrolone has also been shown to interact negatively with alcohol by worsening the loss of self-control and the increase in aggression that alcohol is known for.

Again, if we extrapolate this and assume that the same can happen with other AAS (because Nandrolone is the only one that has been studied in this context), we get yet another recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, both oral AAS (plus injectable Trenbolone) and alcohol are known for being hepatotoxic and causing liver damage. When combined, this damage becomes much worse and can seriously compromise one’s liver health.


To conclude, AAS and drugs do not get along. If you are serious about enhancing yourself with AAS, do yourself a favor and stay away from the aforementioned recreational drugs (at least for the duration of the cycle/blast).

William Davis

William has been studying and experimenting with bodybuilding pharmacology for over 6 years. After being an independent researcher for all these years, he has decided to share his knowledge with the bodybuilding community through his science-based articles. His approach to enhanced bodybuilding can be summed up in the saying “less is more”, as he believes that prioritizing harm mitigation and looking for ways to maximize the positives is the key to longevity in bodybuilding.

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