Do you really need Tren? – 17 facts to help you decide

If you are into bodybuilding, odds are that you have probably heard of trenbolone before. Thought of as one of the strongest, most powerful steroids out there, it has made quite a reputation for itself over the years among bodybuilders and even recreational steroid users. Funny sayings like “eat clen, tren hard” are very common online, but in reality, at least in my opinion, very few people should use trenbolone.

Sure, trenbolone will do wonders for your physique, and can be applied in pretty much any and every situation, whether you’re bulking, cutting, recomping, trying to get stronger, faster, etc. due to its amazing properties regarding building mass, losing fat and making you stronger. However, trenbolone is also capable of delivering some very massive side effects, affecting not only your body but heavily degrading your psychological health. Of course, every individual will respond differently, and while some may not experience harsh sides, others’ life will become a living hell while they’re on tren.

We will go over some of its common effects on the body to help you decide whether you should use trenbolone or not:

  1. Monster Strength: trenbolone is known for its exceptional strength gains, with inexperienced users adding up to 100lbs to their major lifts on their first tren cycle. However, tren also dries up the joints and tendons a little bit, as it dries out the entire body, so the user is more susceptible to injuries;
  2. Shortness of Breath: it’s very common to experience shortness of breath while on tren, due to a rise in blood pressure and decreased blood flow to the heart, making you breathe more often and shorter to keep oxygen supply’;
  3. Muscle Gains: trenbolone is notable for its dry muscle gain, with first time users gaining up to 30lbs on their first cycles;
  4. Confidence Boost: users report feeling more confident while on tren, both on a social and primal level, mainly due to the surges in androgenic mechanisms within the body;
  5. Hair Loss: if you have any tendency to go bald, tren will make it 100x faster. However, most of it comes back once you stop the cycle, as DHT levels go back to normal;
  6. Fat Loss: trenbolone is known for its fat shedding potential, due to it being highly androgenic and the androgenic receptor stimulating lipolysis;
  7. Constant Pump/Muscle Fullness: trenbolone will increase your glycogen storage, so pumps and the feeling of a full muscle will be constant and last much longer;
  8. Tren Cough: a dry cough can occur when injecting Trenbolone, lasting for several seconds or even minutes. May not sound like much, but when you’re naked with a needle in your butt and feel it in your throat, you’ll feel like you’re going to die;
  9. Sweating: trenbolone stimulates the central nervous system, increasing hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline and in turn increasing thermogenesis. On the bright side, you will burn more calories, but you’ll also sweat a lot in and out of the gym, even when you’re sleeping;
  10. Hair Growth (on the Body): elevated DHT means faster and thicker hair growth everywhere on the body (except on the scalp);
  11. Insomnia: if you struggle to fall asleep now, trenbolone will make it much worse, due to the stimulation of the central nervous system. This will increase cortisol levels, feeding back and worsening tren’s side effects even further;
  12. Better Sex: combining testosterone with trenbolone, androgenic and nitric oxide levels will surge, this will mean more blood to the penis, positively affecting hardness and erection quality. However, the contrary can occur if you have increased prolactin levels, so you might need to take Cabergoline to control it;
  13. Dark Urine: trenbolone will make your urine (specially the first of the day) much much darker, as it generally dehydrates the whole body. To counter it, you will need to drink more water to bring it back to normal;
  14. Irritability: trenbolone can cause a person to become more impatient due to its stimulative properties. Higher levels of adrenaline and an elevated heart rate will make it very hard to stay cool throughout the day;
  15. The 3D Look: if somebody is already lean before starting their cycle, they will begin to look photoshopped, due to reduced water levels, full muscles, increased vascularity and increased trapezius and deltoid muscles, as these muscle groups tend to respond more to tren than other steroids;
  16. Acne Breakouts: If you’re prone to acne, trenbolone will make it much worse. Tren will stimulate the sebaceous glands in your body, increasing acne in your face, back and chest mainly;
  17. Depression and dependency: tren does have a positive effect on mood and confidence. However, being on this altered state means you’ll crash hard post-cycle, leaving you wanting for more and more, either cause depression or making you start taking it again and again.

In the end, you only know what’s going to happen to you once you experience taking tren, as different people have different responses. As a general rule, side effects for most people tend to happen once you go above 400mg/week. Usually, there is a cutoff point of diminishing returns at about 350mg/week (typically 100mg EOD). Also, the source of your trenbolone product can greatly affect the end results, as there’s all kinds and qualities of tren products out in the market.


Marco D. Angelo

PhD in biochemistry, specialized in enzymology and metabolic biochemistry with a background in pharmacology, he works in a molecular biology laboratory and in his spare time works as a high-performance trainer in addition to assisting other coaches.