Pro-tip of the day: Post-activation potentiation

The post-activation potentiation is an effect that occurs at the muscular level that consists of an abundant improvement of muscular performance after a stimulus that has been received previously.

It can be very useful for Powerlifting and Strongman practitioners when they want to set a new record due to the notable improvements that are given (5-12% improvement) or in explosive athletic categories such as jumping.

To activate it you will need:

A contraction phase, there are different forms of activation, for example using a weight greater than our 1RM but doing only the eccentric phase of the movement or in exercises such as bench press use a Slingshot to do a weight greater than the 1RM, also to a lesser extent this contraction would occur with 2- 4 repetitions to failure.

A resting phase, which would vary between 4 to 12 minutes, so to get away from fatigue but also be close to improving performance by warming up, I will recommend a 6-7 minute rest.

The effect lasts a few minutes and you have to take advantage of it.

Marco D Angelo

PhD in biochemistry, specialized in enzymology and metabolic biochemistry with a background in pharmacology, he works in a molecular biology laboratory and in his spare time works as a high-performance trainer in addition to assisting other coaches.