The detailed information in these ebooks is much more advanced than that which can be found anywhere else on the Internet and provides you with the ability to have all the current content on the topics described and its most current practical applications.

Be confident that each book contains the most detailed information on the subject that can be found on the Internet and explained in a simple and practical way.

Hair Loss guide


This book contains all the necessary information about androgenetic alopecia, why it happens, and how to treat it effectively.

The book describes the origin of androgenetic alopecia, how it affects you over time and includes several infographics to know your level on an alopecia scale, includes a description of all currently used treatments as well as the most avant-garde methods which are being used by various dermatologists with whom I have had the pleasure of working and cannot be found described in any Internet forum.


The SARMs Handbook


Who is this ebook for?

The Ebook is aimed at any user of SARMs, whether novice or advanced. Anyone can take advantage of its content, it is also aimed at steroid users, who will be able to see the positive effects that SARMs have compared to steroids.

What you will find inside?

The Ebook includes the most current information with its corresponding references on SARMs, their anabolic effects, their side effects, what dose to use, how to avoid or alleviate their side effects, how to make the best use of a cycle of SARMs with the correct estrogenic support, which dosage to use in men and women, a detailed PCT for cycles … and much more.

What SARMs appear in the ebook?

RAD-140, Ostarine, YK-11, S-4, Ligandrol, Cardarine (it’s not a SARM), MK-677 (it’s not a SARM).

I do not mention the S-23 as I do not yet have enough information to be able to say that its use would be beneficial.

Are SARMs legal?

SARMs are in a legal void, they can be bought as “research chemical” and many companies take advantage of this to sell their SARMs, the problem is that obtaining raw materials is very complicated and many companies sell under-dosed or products that do not contain SARMs at all. This book will also help you with several surveys with different users experiences and give you some offers to acquire the best quality products.