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Be the boss of your own metabolism

The rate at which your body burns calories is what we call “metabolism”. You will lose weight more quickly the faster your metabolism is. Some people gain weight more easily or struggle to lose weight because they have a slower metabolism. The good news is that by accelerating your metabolism, you can make your body […]Read More

Sleep Hygiene – How to get better sleep

Have you ever heard the phrase “muscles are not made in the gym, but in bed”? Sure, you still need to signal your body to grow more muscle – and that’s usually done in the gym, but it’s during sleep that your tissues are able to recover and become stronger and bigger, given a proper […]Read More

Biorhythms: how do they affect your results in the gym?

It’s common sense between elite athletes and bodybuilders that keeping a precise routine is key for achieving maximum results. Having a set schedule to wake up and go to sleep every day at the same time, timing your meals down to the minute and training every day at a consistent time are often described as […]Read More