Blasting and cruising why & how!

Blasting and cruising: why & how!

Blasting & Cruising consists in remaining (cruising) on a TRT dose of Testosterone between cycles (blasts) instead of coming off between cycles and doing a PCT to restore natural Testosterone production.

B&C is what most experienced, serious bodybuilders do because it simplifies everything, and it allows one to avoid the hormonal and emotional ups and downs that come with coming off everything and doing a PCT. B&C also makes it much easier for one to retain their gains after a cycle/blast.

In most instances, however, B&C is a lifetime commitment to using exogenous Testosterone. Users who opt for B&C realize that they will probably never be able to have the same natural Testosterone levels they had before becoming enhanced if they decide to come off everything and do a PCT after years of B&C.

For that reason, I personally believe that most beginners should do a PCT after their first few cycles, and only consider doing B&C once they have some serious experience and are comfortable with the idea of pinning Testosterone for the rest of their life.

How to B&C

Blasting & Cruising is much simpler and more straightforward than doing a PCT. A user who wishes to B&C simply needs to reduce their weekly Testosterone dose once to a healthier range once their cycle/blast is over.

The right dose for cruising depends on every individual, but most bodybuilders use between 150 and 250mg of Testosterone per week.

A good rule of thumb is using around 1mg of Testosterone per pound of bodyweight per week. Someone who weighs between 150 and 200lbs can cruise on 150 to 200mg of Testosterone to feel good and maintain their muscle mass, and someone who weighs between 200 and 250lbs can do the same on 200 to 250mg of Testosterone per week.

Some users may experience excess aromatization when cruising on 200mg+ of Testosterone per week. If that happens, they should reduce their weekly dose until the excess aromatization stops being an issue, instead of using an Aromatase Inhibitor, since using AIs for long periods of time can be extremely unhealthy.

NOTE: I personally believe that everyone who is blasting and cruising but planning to eventually come off or have children should be using HCG to maintain their fertility and testicular function.

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