Make your PCT or cruise more fun

Make your PCT or cruise more fun

One of the things people fear the most when doing Post-Cycle Therapy or cruising is losing their gains. This is not really an issue if a solid PCT or Cruising protocol is followed, but some people still want to go the extra way to ensure they keep every single gram of lean muscle they gained during the cycle/blast.

While it’s certainly not possible to keep absolutely everything gained during a cycle if you are already way past your natural limit and you do a crazy cycle that makes you even bigger, here are some things you can add to your PCT or cruise to keep it interesting, fun and anabolic.

GH & GH secretagogues

It is no secret that Growth Hormone and every single one of its secretagogues (MK-677, CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, etc…) are anabolic and anti-catabolic (meaning that they prevent muscle breakdown / loss). Any of these compounds can be used during PCT or a cruise to aid with recovery, sleep quality, muscle growth, performance and strength.

Even though all the GH secretagogues that work through the Ghrelin pathway (MK-677, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin, GHRPs, etc…) are slightly suppressive of Testosterone levels, they are not suppressive enough to impede complete recovery during PCT (not an issue if cruising).

MK-677 at 10mg a day OR CJC-1205 w/DAC at 1mg a week are more than enough.

PDE5 inhibitors

PDE5 Inhibitors like Tadalafil and Sildenafil are extremely useful during PCT. Not only because they improve sexual function during a period of time when sexual function can easily decrease, but also because they have been shown to have mild anabolic properties as well as helpful cardioprotective effects that can benefit any bodybuilder, especially if they are cruising after a potent cycle.

Tadalafil at 5mg a day (or 10mg every other day) OR Sildenafil at 25 to 50mg a day will get the job done.


Despite the controversy surrounding ecdysteroids and plant steroids like Beta-Ecdysterone, Laxogenin and Turkesterone, it is clear from anecdotal reports that these compounds have mild anabolic properties. Therefore, they can help one maintain muscle mass and strength after a cycle without causing Testosterone suppression or other negative side-effects.

What about SARMs?

Can mild SARMs be used during PCT or while cruising? While it is true that SARMs like Ostarine and S-4 are not suppressive enough to prevent recovery during PCT, I would not recommend anyone to use a SARM between cycles/ because they can exacerbate side-effects that occurred during the cycle (dyslipidemia, liver toxicity, high RBC, crushed SHBG, etc…) instead of letting the body repair the damage.

What about Proviron?

What I just said about SARMs also applies to Proviron, even though it is less supressive and actually useful in a sexual function and fertility context.


In conclusion, the time between cycles does not have to be dreadful, boring or catabolic. While following a good PCT or cruising protocol almost always guarantees that no muscle is lost, incorporating some of these compounds can make the entire process more enjoyable and even anabolic.


William Davis

William has been studying and experimenting with bodybuilding pharmacology for over 6 years. After being an independent researcher for all these years, he has decided to share his knowledge with the bodybuilding community through his science-based articles. His approach to enhanced bodybuilding can be summed up in the saying “less is more”, as he believes that prioritizing harm mitigation and looking for ways to maximize the positives is the key to longevity in bodybuilding.

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