FAQs about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (Part Four)

FAQs about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (Part Four)

FAQs about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (Part One)
FAQs about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (Part Two)
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FAQs about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (Part Four)

When am I ready to start a cycle?

Assuming this is your first cycle, there are some things you may want to check before joining the dark side…

Ideally, you should get a full comprehensive blood work panel done and see what your natural baseline levels are. If you are not healthy, you may want to fix that before starting a cycle.

You should also make sure your mental health is on point before a cycle since hormone fluctuation and PCT could compromise it if you are already struggling with it.

Besides ensuring that your health is on point, you should never start a cycle if you cannot afford to have all the ancillaries and health supplements that a cycle requires.

If you are broke and trying to buy the bare minimum to do a cycle, chances are you will not bother to buy certain ancillaries and supplements. Therefore, you should not start a cycle until your finances are in order.

How should I train & eat on cycle?

A lot of people think that hopping on AAS means they must radically change their approach to training and dieting. That is not exactly the case, but these are some key things to keep in mind while running a cycle:

  • Keep your protein intake elevated so that you can take full advantage of the increased protein synthesis that AAS provides.
  • Do not neglect healthy fats, they are necessary for well-being and hormonal recovery after a cycle.
  • You do not have to change your training routine but try to push yourself harder in the gym every single session (you should be doing that whether you are natty or not). Never forget that your joints/tendons/ligaments may have a hard time catching up or they may feel stiff depending on what AAS you are taking, so do not get injured!
  • Cardio is important even when bulking up because it mitigates the negative impact of the AAS on the lipid panel.
  • After a cycle, your strength and your intensity will drop, so do whatever it takes to keep them up to ensure that you keep as much muscle as possible.

What supps should I take post-cycle?

Hormonal recovery should not be your only priority after a cycle. Do not forget that your lipid panel, your liver enzymes and a bunch of other important health markers will simply NOT recover in two days after ending the cycle.

You will have to take certain supplements to bring them back to baseline as soon as possible.

Whatever you were taking during the cycle to protect the health of your organs, keep taking for at least another 4 weeks after the cycle to ensure complete recovery.

What is the shelf-life of AAS?

It is impossible to tell what the exact shelf-life of injectable AAS is, especially if they are made by UGLs (Underground Labs).

Pharmaceutical companies claim that their pharma-grade Testosterone has a shelf-life of up to 36 months, so it would not be outrageous to assume that most injectables have a similar shelf-life if they are free of impurities.

If your injectable AAS have expired, you should discard them. Using them would not hurt, but they would have lost so much potency that you would barely feel their effects.

The shelf-life of oral AAS is usually stated in the packaging.

Will I fail a drug test if on AAS?

You will only be caught if you are tested for doping agents by a sports organization that has explicitly banned AAS and/or follows WADA’s anti-doping policies.

If you have a regular job that mandates regular drug-testing, know that they are only testing you for recreational drugs like weed, cocaine, etc…

You may be tested for AAS if you are in the army, fire department or police, but only if they suspect that you are enhanced.

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