Testosterone Replacement Therapy for those who don’t do cycles very often (Part 2)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for those who don’t do cycles very often (Part 2)

In part 1 of the “TRT PLUS” series, we covered two strategies that anyone on TRT can implement to take their protocol to the next level and essentially be on a mini-blast for an extended period of time and without compromising their own health.

In this 2nd part, we will be covering two more strategies you can use to turn your basic TRT into a truly exciting but stil healthy “TRT+” protocol.

TRT + low dose Deca

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is one of the most important and most well-known anabolic steroids ever developed. Even though it’s typically used as a bulking agent, a lot of people choose to use a low dose of Deca with their TRT for the following reasons:

  • Deca helps gain more muscle over time.
  • Deca improves joint lubrication, strength and performance.
  • Deca is hair-safe.
  • Deca is prostate-safe.
  • Deca is organ-friendly in low doses.

The typical Deca dose used alongside TRT is of 50 to 100mg a week, for up to 6 months at a time.

If you want to give this strategy a shot, there’s two things you must consider.

Firstly, Deca dick is still possible so make sure you are at least running Test and Deca 1:1, meaning that if you are using Deca at 100mg, your Testosterone dose should be at least 100mg too. Still, try to have a 1.5:1 ratio or higher.

Secondly, Deca is extremely suppressive and its suppressive metabolites will remain in your body for months after you stop using it. Therefore, you should not use Deca if you are planning to come off TRT in the foreseeable future.

TRT + low dose Primo

Primobolan is another AAS commonly used in long cycles by bodybuilders who prefer gaining lean tissue slowly but steadily over time and with little side-effects, rather than doing short blasts and gaining 20lbs in a matter of weeks. Like Deca, it can be used in low doses alongside TRT for the following reasons:

  • Primo helps gain more muscle over time.
  • Primo improves strength and performance.
  • Primo improves muscle hardness and vascularity.
  • Primo is hair-safe (only in low doses).
  • Primo is safe for the organs in low doses.

The typical Primo dose used alongside TRT is of 50 to 150mg a week, for up to 6 months at a time.

Primo is way less suppressive than Deca and it will not cause erectile dysfunction, so it is a safer option for most users.

The obvious conclusion here is that TRT does not have to be “boring”. You can easily play around with your TRT dose and incorporate some of the add-ons and AAS we have discussed in this two-part series to enhance your TRT protocols and improve your ability to gain muscle, your strength and your well-being without compromising your health.

TRT+ is the perfect sweetspot between regular TRT and full-blown “blasting and cruising”. Will you give it a shot?


William Davis

William has been studying and experimenting with bodybuilding pharmacology for over 6 years. After being an independent researcher for all these years, he has decided to share his knowledge with the bodybuilding community through his science-based articles. His approach to enhanced bodybuilding can be summed up in the saying “less is more”, as he believes that prioritizing harm mitigation and looking for ways to maximize the positives is the key to longevity in bodybuilding.

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