How to fix your gut health

How to fix your gut health

If you are a bodybuilder, chances are your gut health is suboptimal. Years of eating copious amounts of food can cause gut distension and mess up your digestive system. Pair that with the use of all kinds of supplements and oral PEDs and you’ve got yourself a recipe for constant flatulence, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, and most importantly, systemic inflammation which leads to skin problems, hair loss and other health issues.

Even though this is not a “hardcore bodybuilding” topic, I feel like it’s important to share tips on how to fix gut health because it plays such a big role on overall health and well-being, especially among bodybuilders.

How to fix your gut

Fixing your gut requires dietary changes and the use of the right supplements + chemistry.

In terms of diet, you need to avoid dairy (raw milk is fine for some people), wheat (pasta, bread, etc…), processed foods, refined sugars and most importantly: Seed oils.

The aforementioned foods cause a condition known as “leaky gut”.

Leaky gut is exactly what it sounds like. Your gut loses impermeability, causing toxins to leak into your bloodstream and wreaking havoc throughout your body.

I know that avoiding some of the aforementioned foods is very difficult, especially for someone who has to eat a ton of calories to sustain or increase their weight, but I recommend following a diet like this for a whole month just to do some “repairs” before “punishing” the body again with an aggressive bodybuilding diet.

Opt for rice, sweet potatoes, beef, fish, chicken, fruit and other natural foods. A good rule of thumb is to eat food that can be harvested, raised or hunted while avoiding food that has to be processed in order to achieve its final form.

If you notice that using oral PEDs also gives you gut issues, consider taking them sublingually instead or simply opt for injectable compounds.

In terms of supplements, the best options are probiotics and oral BPC-157:


Probiotics can help in repairing your gut lining (fixing the “leaks”) by preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria and restoring the balance of good bacteria. You can easily get probiotics at a local pharmacy, on Amazon or through your doctor.

Oral BPC-157

Oral BPC-157 is absolutely amazing for gut health. BPC-157 is the synthetic version of a natural peptide found in the human gut, where it acts as the body’s own gut-repairing agent. By using it orally, we are able to supplement “our own BPC-157” production and achieve incredible gut-healing effects.

You may have never considered your gut health before because one eventually gets used to the gastrointestinal problems and learns to live with them.

But these problems (which the VAST majority of bodybuilders suffer from), are slowly deteriorating your health and making you prone to developing serious conditions later in life.

If you are trying to get leaner for this next summer, use this as an opportunity to eat less food and cut out the previously mentioned foods from your diet. You will get leaner while improving your gut function and overall health.


William Davis

William has been studying and experimenting with bodybuilding pharmacology for over 6 years. After being an independent researcher for all these years, he has decided to share his knowledge with the bodybuilding community through his science-based articles. His approach to enhanced bodybuilding can be summed up in the saying “less is more”, as he believes that prioritizing harm mitigation and looking for ways to maximize the positives is the key to longevity in bodybuilding.

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