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How does Omega-3 help with inflammation and joint issues?

Omega-3 fatty acids today are widely recognized as powerful compounds in the quest for better health, particularly in fighting overall inflammation and promoting joint strength. In this article, we take a look just into the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on inflammation regulation and joint well-being, briefly covering the science behind their therapeutic effects. Omega-3 […]Read More

The 7 best back-friendly crunches

Ready to sculpt those abs without giving your back a hard time? We’ve got your back (literally!) with these seven back-friendly crunches that’ll have you feeling the burn in all the right places. Whether you’re a workout pro or just starting your fitness journey, these engaging exercises will help you strengthen your core without putting […]Read More

Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation

Dapoxetine is a very, very interesting medication. On paper, it is an SSRI (antidepressant). In practice, it is an incredibly useful sexual enhancer that helps men delay ejaculation so as to not disappoint their partner. The reason why it isn’t also used as an antidepressant despite belonging to the same class of drugs as other […]Read More

The starter nootropic stack

In today’s post, I will be covering a simple, highly effective, “unnatural” nootropic stack that can allow just about anyone to focus more, memorize more information and get rid of brain fog, all while protecting the brain from neurodegenerative threats. This is a stack that benefits students, entrepreneurs, gamers, athletes, blue-collar workers, and white-collar workers […]Read More

Metformin: a bodybuilding tool?

Metformin is a popular medication that is commonly prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes and polycistic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is derived from galegine, a compound found in a plant known as Galega Officinalis. What does Metformin do? This drug works by inhibiting glucose production in the liver and inhibiting the actions of glucagon, a […]Read More

Getting older and bodybuilding: staying fit as you age

Age is just a number, and it should never be a barrier to pursuing your fitness goals, including bodybuilding. As a matter of fact, as we grow older, maintaining muscle mass, strength, and overall fitness becomes more and more important for our health and well-being, but at the same time it gets a little harder […]Read More

Phenibut 101 – The perfect alcohol alternative?

Phenibut (also known Anvifen) is, for all intents and purposes, the exact opposite of a stimulant. The latter stimulate the central nervous system, whereas Phenibut “suppresses” it and has relaxing, anxiolytic properties. However, Phenibut also has some “stimulating” properties, but not the ones you would expect. Phenibut is a synthetic derivative of GABA, a natural […]Read More

Semax 101 – a nootropic for bodybuilders

Semax is a synthetic peptide derived from the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), a peptide hormone responsible for stimulating the adrenal glands to produce cortisol. However, Semax only constitutes a fraction of the ACTH amino acid chain, so its effects are vastly different. Semax was originally developed by Soviet Union scientists for the prevention and treatment of […]Read More

Cerebrolysin 101: the ultimate nootropic?

Cerebrolysin is a neuropeptide-based medication that has been used in the treatment of various neurological and psychiatric disorders. It is derived from pig brain proteins and has a similar structure to human brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that plays a vital role in the development and function of the nervous system. In recent years, […]Read More